Duplex Sheeters

Designed for excellence in precision paper cutting worldwide, our sheeting solutions provide you with accuracy in cuts required by any conversion or finishing business that relies of quality converting equipment.  This sheeter system is a multi-format based solution with 2 transversal cutting systems that can be configured for the same width or different widths.  The stacking process is also configured for different formats and are auto leveling.  This sheeting solution is easy to setup, flexible and easy to operate compared to expensive alternatives that may produce similar results at best.

Duplex sheeting Technology


Our machine is very highly considered for medium to large size converters who wants a good daily production rate.  This sheeter is designed to provide high performance with high cut quality. The technology satisfies the need for a very simple, yet flexible sheeter with easy change of both format and production parameters.

Duplex Sheeter

The Duplex Sheeter comes in two configurations which are set standard to 1900 and 2800 mm.  Refer to the left for basic machine specifications.  If this solutions is considered, please consult us with your project parameters so we can provide the best overall layout for your facility.


The Speedwell Duplex Sheeting solution offers you the ability to sheet paper/board at different lengths and widths depending on your customer requirements.  Designed for easy use, this solution features leading cutter head design to give your equipment an increased speed curve and increased production for your business.  This solution is higher end and comes with an advanced overlap and stacker section to provide seamless production of a variety of grades.  All these improvements combined with the efficient standard sections of your equipment guarantee that your paper sheeter machine will improve your workflow.


Features hydraulic scissors lift table with safety catch.  Top driving belt over piler with adjustable air controlled side joggers vibrators.


This Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) from Siemens offer a wide range of selection options starting from the most basic logic controller ‘LOGO!’ to powerful SIMATIC S7 series, which are high performance programmable controllers. For specific applications with higher demands on data storage,

faster communication with embedded applications including GUI, Siemens also offers the automation controller system based on PC. Irrespective of the requirements, one can flexibly combine one or more Simatic controllers and customize the solution optimally..


Allows incorporating all automation systems (longitudinal cut, superposition, stacking, change of size while working, etc.) to ensure absorbing the entire production.  Cutting two format lengths at the same time allows maximum use of the width of the paper machines.  This system comes complete with the leading splice detection technology by RKB.