Single Rotary Sheeter

Designed for excellence in precision paper cutting worldwide, our sheeting solutions provide you with accuracy in cuts required by any conversion or finishing business that relies of quality converting equipment.

Our Single Rotary Sheeting Technology

The cutting system in this series of sheeting technology is our dead knife (single rotary) knife configuration.  High-Speed Steel (HSS) sheeter blades are installed in the cutting system that consists of a rotating drum against a lower fixed bed knife creating a perfect scissor-type cutting action.


Designed for small or specialty converting operations this system is configured as a dead knife (single rotary) process which can be run by a single operator making this a great entry level sheeter to any production goals.


Our machine is very highly considered for small to medium size converters who wants a good daily production rate.  This sheeter is designed to provide high performance with high cut quality. The technology satisfies the need for a very simple, yet flexible sheeter.


The cut sheets pass through a series of conveyors prior to reaching the layboy section.  The layboy section, where the cut-sheets are collected, features a 3 dimensional jogger action system that ensures neatly stacked sheet piles.

Single Rotary (Dead Knife)

Quick to set up, this dead knife is outfitted with a state of the art motor drive system that maintains +/- 0.05 mm (0.005”) maximum sheet length accuracy at the touch of a stroke. Size changes generally require about 1 to 2 minutes for completing.  The knife drum cutter is driven by a computerized servo motor via Siemens PLC through a LCD Touch Screen Control Panel.  Designed for ease of use, this PLC provides instant change of cut lengths from 450-1650mm.  Easy to use programming, Siemens is the main work horse of almost all sheeter systems worldwide.  Coupled with the durability of the stationary bed knife design, this sheeter provides trouble free performance on calipers up to 0.061mm (0.25”) thickThis technology comes with leading splice detection technology provided by RKB.  Considered the world’s best splice detector, this unit will never miss any type of splice thus ensuring splice free piles sent to your customers guaranteed!


Advantages!  Leading sheeting experts believe there are still advantages of a Single Rotary Solution.  Priorities include what is being cut?  Am I to do paper and board or only paper or board?  Do i need a solution that will cut both?What is my budget?  We suggest considering the advantages of a single-knife rotary sheeter versus a twin synchronous knife sheeter.  If you felt that you would only ever run lightweight papers, it’s debatable whether you would need to go twin knife.  You may still want to use a single rotary knife.

Options Available

All our sheeters come with a variety of options to ensure your project and production goals can be met.  Our DK series sheeters come in 1400, 1650, 1900 and 2800 mm configurations and have standard splice detection capabilities with reliable reject gate controls.  Inquire with Leigh as to options you would like to see during our consultation phase of the project.

Our Working Process


Our consultation begins the minute we start discussing your project, whether you invest or not.  All information relevant to the project will be noted down.  Once the specifications are determined, we move into the proposal phase.


During the consultation phase we will determine together the overall specifications required of any project.  We will then, at the request of the customer move into our proposal phase where we will submit the project details in full for acceptance.


Once you, the customer has determined all aspects of the project are listed including any options agreed upon, an order will be placed with Leigh and manufacturing will begin starting with the design phase, approval drawing acceptance and build.

Inspect & Delivery

Once the system is built, we will move into the inspection, testing and delivery phase.  Anything that proves deficient relative to the specifications agreed upon will be reworked, replaced and resolved prior to shipment.  Leigh will assist in the installation with the vendors to ensure a successful project is met.